I’m just a random guy in Spain who really likes computers and videogames. One day around 2011-12, because I really liked the old Mega Drive / Genesis Sonic games (and I still do), I did a Google search to find more info about them, and somehow I reached some forums where they had their source code available for download, and lots of info and guides to modify them. After seeing that, I downloaded the source code of the first Sonic game (that was also the first game that I’ve ever played), and tried to do stuff with it.

I didn’t know anything about programming back then, and starting with M68K Assembly was… an interesting choice, but a fun one nonetheless. Thanks to that, and after doing two game modifications, also known on those forums as “ROM-Hacks”, I started to really like programming, and wanted to learn more languages, and do even more stuff.

About the project where I started, the hack named “Sonic the Hedgehog: Special Version”, at first it didn’t go well because lots of things that I did with it were, as easily expected from a first time, bad. Fortunately, some of the people of the forum where I first published the hack, “Sonic Stuff Research Group” were kind enough (and had enough patience) to help me and guide me, and it all got better eventually. The last version released to the public was 5.5, around December 2013. At that time, some people started to say that they even liked the thing (somehow) so I tried to expand the project as much as I could, and add lots of stuff to it. Sadly it went too ambitious and I couldn’t handle it anymore, not at least with the knowledge I had at the time, so I cancelled the project…

Nowadays, I’m currently learning and trying to get better at programming, and someday I would like to return to M68K Assembly and do something far better than what I did back then, time will tell when that would happen.

If you want to check that hack out, or some other project of mine, you can find everything on the Projects page.

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