EditChris is the nickname for a random guy in Spain who really likes computers and videogames. In his eagerness to learn more about them and how do they work in their insides, one day around 2011/12 he did a Google search to see if it was possible to see how one of his favorite games was programmed, being “Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis” the one. For his surprise, it wasn’t just possible to see, but the code and assets of the game were already openly available along with a compiler.

Seeing all of that in front of him made him want to try learn the language (M68K Assembly) and maybe do a thing. After following guides and trying on his own to do something, he released the first version of the project that made him recognizable on the Internet by the ones who shared his passion of Sonic hacks: “Sonic the Hedgehog – Special Version”. It didn’t go well at first because lots of things that he did were, as easily expected from a first time, bad. Fortunately the people of the website where he posted initially the game, “Sonic Stuff Research Group” were kind enough to have the patience and time of helping on this project, and with every released version it was getting better.

The last known publically released version was out around the end of 2013. At that time somehow, the hack started to gain followers, and some people said that they even liked the thing. That made EditChris want to learn even more, and try to expand the project as much as he could. Privately he worked on more and more versions of the game, trying to improve every single detail possible. Nowadays the differences between the last released version and the last compilation of the game (only on his hands) are really significant. The hack even got a new name…

Several years passed since the last release, and nothing new happened. People who liked the project even asked when a new version was going to be available, and EditChris tried to give them some kind of release date… but to no avail. He had lots of ideas, lots of things to improve, and he just couldn’t get it done for that date. Also he didn’t want to publish a new version if it was unstable and unfinished.

Nowadays the project is on a hiatus status. EditChris is currently studying to get better at programming, so he doesn’t have lots of time to attend the project, and when he does, he just doesn’t know how to continue. But there’s something on this that’s pretty clear: nothing will be released until he feels that it’s ready and that it will be an enjoyable experience. In the meantime, he’ll remain silent about the topic and won’t give any new release dates to not dissapoint.

So, how can someone know that something is coming? Don’t worry about that, he’ll make sure that everyone knows about it.

If you want to know more about this hack, or about some other project of his, check out the Projects page.

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