This is a ROM-Hack of “Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)” for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis created by me. Its concept is similar to the well-known ROM-Hack “Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix”, trying to feature new visuals, layouts, character abilities, and music from various games.


(as in a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis controller):

Ⓐ / Ⓑ / Ⓒ = Jump
↓ + Ⓐ / Ⓑ / Ⓒ = Spin Dash – The classic Spin Dash, like in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
↑ + Ⓐ / Ⓑ / Ⓒ = Super Peel Out – Like the one in Sonic CD, but it charges faster.
Ⓐ / Ⓑ (in mid-air) = Homing Attack – As it does in 3D games, Sonic dashes towards the closest enemy or monitor and destroys it.
Ⓒ (in mid-air) = Jump Dash – Like the Homing Attack, but it doesn’t dash towards anything being more like a mid-air impulse.
← or → (Depends on the direction you’re running) + ↑ = Water Skimming – It allows Sonic to bounce on water.


New normal and Special Stage levels.
New music (different per act).
Minor edits on bosses (only more hits).
New color pallets and designs.
Added “Original Mode”, allowing the player to play the original Sonic 1 with fixes, optimizations and including Sonic’s new abilities.


Beta testers: SonicVaan, EpicElijahSpeedy, nineko, MarkeyJester.
Music / Sound Driver: Bobesh8, vladikcomper, ValleyBell, TheBlad768 and people from the SSRG (Sonic Stuff Research Group) forum.
Boot and SEGA screen: vladikcomper.
Original Mode: vladikcomper and Bobesh8.
Special Thanks: Lots of people from Sonic Retro, SSRG and the defunct Sonic Game Dimension forum for their tutorials and codes.

If someone is being forgotten or miscredited, please let me know and I’ll add their name as soon as possible.


File Info: “.GEN” file – 1.62 MB

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